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Train the Trainer

Transform Your Training Skills with Our Premier Train the Trainer Program

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Are you ready to boost your training effectiveness and drive sales performance to new heights? At Success Vitamin, we believe that exceptional trainers are the cornerstone of every successful organization. Our Train the Trainer Program is meticulously designed to elevate your teaching skills, enhance your presentation abilities, and empower you to deliver impactful training sessions that inspire and engage.

Why pursue SV Train The Trainer Program?

  • 1. Tailored for Sales Excellence

    Our program is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of  in-house sales trainers. We provide actionable insights and practical strategies that directly impact sales performance, ensuring your trainers are equipped to drive real results.

    2. Expert-Led Instruction

    Learn from industry leaders and seasoned experts who bring a wealth of experience in sales training and development. Our trainers are dedicated to sharing proven methodologies and innovative techniques that empower your team to excel.

    3. Interactive and Engaging Content

    Experience a dynamic blend of interactive workshops, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies. Our engaging content keeps participants motivated and involved, ensuring maximum knowledge retention and application.

    4. Comprehensive Curriculum

    Our extensive curriculum covers all aspects of effective training, from instructional design and delivery techniques to assessment and feedback. Equip your trainers with the skills they need to create impactful, learner-centric training programs.

    5. Immediate Impact

    Implement best practices and cutting-edge strategies that can be applied immediately within your organization. Watch as your trainers transform into influential leaders who inspire and drive performance across your sales teams.

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Who Should Attend

  • Corporate Trainers: Enhance your ability to deliver compelling and effective corporate training sessions.
  • HR Professionals: Equip yourself with the skills to train and develop your organization’s talent.
  • Educators: Transition your classroom skills to a professional training environment.
  • Managers and Leaders: Learn how to train and develop your team to achieve their highest potential.
  • Aspiring Trainers: Gain the foundational skills and knowledge to start a successful career in training and development.

Program Eligibility & Admission Requirements

  • College education and/or > 5 years work experience
  • Average English and IT skills
  • Passing the admission interview

Program Contents

  • Training and Development: A Closer Look
  • Managing Training Environment
  • Basic Instructional Design and Didactic Methods
  • Training as a Career
  • Dealing with Difficult Behaviors
  • Presentation Skills for Trainers

Program Training Objectives

  • Understand Training and Development as Strategic Investments: Recognize the strategic value of training and development in enhancing sales performance and achieving business objectives. View training as a crucial investment in your team’s success.
  • Embrace Training as a Professional Career: Acknowledge training as a professional discipline. Continuously develop your skills and knowledge to become an expert in sales training.

  • Master the Core Elements of the Training Process: Effectively manage the main stages of the training process: needs analysis, design, delivery, and evaluation. Ensure each phase is aligned with your organization’s sales goals.

  • Apply Instructional Design Principles for Sales Training: Utilize instructional design principles to create engaging and impactful sales training programs. Focus on adult learning theories and practical application to ensure effectiveness.

  • Optimize the Training Environment: Create a conducive training environment that supports learning and engagement. Consider factors such as physical space, technology, and learning aids.

  • Select and Implement Effective Didactic Methods: Choose and apply teaching methods that best achieve your training objectives. Use a mix of lectures, role-plays, group activities, and hands-on exercises tailored to sales training.

  • Handle Difficult and Challenging Behaviors Professionally: Develop strategies to manage and address challenging behaviors during training sessions. Maintain a positive and productive learning atmosphere.

  • Identify Key Competencies and Responsibilities of a Sales Trainer: Understand the essential competencies and responsibilities of an effective sales trainer, including communication, adaptability, and subject matter expertise.

  • Design and Deliver Effective Training Presentations: Create and present compelling PowerPoint presentations that enhance learning and retention. Use visuals, storytelling, and interactive elements to engage your audience

  • Leverage Training and Development for Corporate Success: Appreciate the critical role of training and development in achieving corporate goals. Align your training initiatives with the strategic objectives of your organization to drive growth and success.

Program Evaluation & Attendance Policy

  • The program is evaluated according to the first and second levels of the Kirkpatrick model per run.
  • Evaluation, customer satisfaction, and learning results (know-how and skills).
  • The number of participants in each run should range between 12-16 participants.


  • 100% attendance obligated
  • Pass the tests with min. 55%
  • One re-examination attempt within 6 months

Success Vitamin & IBCT

In March 2020, IBCT appointed Success Vitamin as its local focal point in India. The best TTT programs and certifications are now available in India, with Pritha as your trainer.

Our IBCT certification training programs start with AT, followed by CPT, and, finally, the highest level CT/HRDC. To attend a higher level, one must complete the previous level. 

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Empowering Trainers. Transforming Organizations.

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By combining the science of selling with emotional intelligence, I build Sales Intelligence and create fearless Sales Superstars who sell from the heart.

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